7 Day Ultra Clarity Challenge

Thursday I begin my 7 Day Ultra Clarity Challenge. No animal products, no intoxicants, for 7 Days. Will you join me?


Yogi Life at Hymalayan Insitute

Today is day number two at Hymalayan Institute. I am visiting here to get a feel for life in an ashram and exploring the possibility of a work residency.

Today I ate a beautiful vegan lunch & dinner, and took a nice long walking tour of the campus.

This is also Day 5 of my 7 Day Vegan Challenge. Doing well so far – feeling great and energetic. Below is a picture of my big scrumptious lunch plate.


Speaking of vegan check out Vegan Gourmand’s blog for lots of tasty vegan recipe ideas :0)

7 Day Vegan Challenge: Day 2

Today is day 2 of my 7-Day Vegan Challenge.  I’ve been experimenting with a more plant-based / vegan life-style for the past 3 or 4 years.  Since making this shift in 2014, I’ve lost nearly 50 lbs., from my peak weight of 235.  My primary motivation for making this shift is health, however, I find compassion & environmental factors to be just as important.   I’ve decided to make this challenge public, as when I make public coveganmmitments, I find I am much more likely to keep them.  I find a vegan diet keeps me feeling healthier, lighter and more energetic.  A big influence in the change of my eating habits came from the influence of Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  Check out Dr. Joel’s book, ‘Eat to Live’, HERE.