Introducing ‘Buddho’

Buddho is the name of my new music project.  The concept for the project is traditional & Indian fusion music.

I have been studying the Indian drums, Tabla, with a professional instructor for about 1.5 years now.  I still have lots to learn, but am encouraged with my progress and ready to begin sharing the music with others.  I have recently begun playing tabla with other musicians, which really makes the journey more exciting.  My new Indian music buddies include, Nick Miller of the Nick Miller Project, Sitar player, Steve Jewett, and a local kirtan group I met through my yoga community.


As of today, I have created a logo, purchased a domain name, created a FB Page (and announced it :0), created a database of potential customers, created flyers for distribution, and began distributing.

As I move forward, I will continue to grow my database, and communicate with the database via in-person visits, email & phone calls.  I will also create a simple WordPress website, run ads to my FB page, cross-promote all media & build a following, continue to network with other musicians, and of course (practice every day).

I am now offering services for yoga, kirtan, worhsip, performance & special events.  Really excited to get this project off the group and utilize my passions & skillsets for service.  Please head on over to the Buddho’ Facebook page and give me a a Like.

Thanks so much for following along and I look forward to connecting soon :0)

With Love & Appreciation,