7 Day Ultra Clarity Challenge

Thursday I begin my 7 Day Ultra Clarity Challenge. No animal products, no intoxicants, for 7 Days. Will you join me?


Tools of Titans

I have recently been reading Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferris. The book holds in it hundreds of interviews and sage advice from some of the worlds most influential leaders. I read at least one section every morning and would rank this book right up there with Tony Robbins’, Money Master the Game, and Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich. I highly recommend everyone add this book to their arsenal.

Introducing ‘Buddho’

Buddho is the name of my new music project.  The concept for the project is traditional & Indian fusion music.

I have been studying the Indian drums, Tabla, with a professional instructor for about 1.5 years now.  I still have lots to learn, but am encouraged with my progress and ready to begin sharing the music with others.  I have recently begun playing tabla with other musicians, which really makes the journey more exciting.  My new Indian music buddies include, Nick Miller of the Nick Miller Project, Sitar player, Steve Jewett, and a local kirtan group I met through my yoga community.


As of today, I have created a logo, purchased a domain name, created a FB Page (and announced it :0), created a database of potential customers, created flyers for distribution, and began distributing.

As I move forward, I will continue to grow my database, and communicate with the database via in-person visits, email & phone calls.  I will also create a simple WordPress website, run ads to my FB page, cross-promote all media & build a following, continue to network with other musicians, and of course (practice every day).

I am now offering services for yoga, kirtan, worhsip, performance & special events.  Really excited to get this project off the group and utilize my passions & skillsets for service.  Please head on over to the Buddho’ Facebook page and give me a a Like.

Thanks so much for following along and I look forward to connecting soon :0)

With Love & Appreciation,


Seminary at Blue Mountain Lotus Society

In Spring of 2016, I began my 3 year journey at Blue Mountain Lotus Society’s 3-year seminary program.  As a graduate of the program I will receive my Licensure of Buddhist Ministry for Holy Orders designation, that includes both classroom education as well as field education. The result of this training program is full ordination as a professional in the fields of ministry and chaplaincy, as well as certification as a Mindfulness Counselor.

I found my way into Buddhism in my mid-twenties when I went through a state of depression.  It was here I learned to better understand and focus my mind.  I felt called to ministry to serve those who are suffering, as well as to deepen the understanding of my own faith.

BMLS(BMLS clergy at our 2015 Hanamatsure celebration :0)

My Weekend at Himalayan Institute

Today wraps up my third and final day here at the Himalayan Institute.  I came here to explore the possibility of participating in the Institute’s Residency Program.  The program provides students room, board and study in exchange for full-time service.  During my time here, I’ve eaten beautiful vegan meals, participated in yoga, toured the campus, had inspiring conversation and slept soundly in my quarters.

One component of the Institute that I’ve been very impressed with is the quality of staff and community members here.  People from all walks of life, included doctors, scientists, insurance professionals and holistic wellness practitioners seem to be drawn here; some giving up years of professional careers to come live, serve and study.  You can check out the Institutes staff roster HERE.

Over the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to exchange briefly with the Institute’s Director, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.  I’ve found Pandit to be a kind man who embraced me warmly upon every encounter.  I look forward to returning to HI and recommend anyone seeking a path of service and study to check it out.SwamiRama

(Swami Rama, Founder of The Himalayan Institute,1925-1996)

Yogi Life at Hymalayan Insitute

Today is day number two at Hymalayan Institute. I am visiting here to get a feel for life in an ashram and exploring the possibility of a work residency.

Today I ate a beautiful vegan lunch & dinner, and took a nice long walking tour of the campus.

This is also Day 5 of my 7 Day Vegan Challenge. Doing well so far – feeling great and energetic. Below is a picture of my big scrumptious lunch plate.


Speaking of vegan check out Vegan Gourmand’s blog for lots of tasty vegan recipe ideas :0)

Modest Living at Hymalayan Institute

I am here in Honesdale, PA, spending a few evenings at the Hymalayan Institute. HI is a spiritual studies and yogic science institute, founded by Swami Rama in 1971. I am here to explore yogic lifestyle and experience life in an Ashram community.

Tonight, I traveled three-hours north from my home to arrive at 5:30pm for a beautiful vegan dinner. After dinner I got settled into my dorm and practiced my tabla in the music room. Over the next two days, I will learn about life as a HI community member, meet the resident staff and of course, practice yoga :0)

(My modest dorm-style living quarters for the next two days)

7 Day Vegan Challenge: Day 2

Today is day 2 of my 7-Day Vegan Challenge.  I’ve been experimenting with a more plant-based / vegan life-style for the past 3 or 4 years.  Since making this shift in 2014, I’ve lost nearly 50 lbs., from my peak weight of 235.  My primary motivation for making this shift is health, however, I find compassion & environmental factors to be just as important.   I’ve decided to make this challenge public, as when I make public coveganmmitments, I find I am much more likely to keep them.  I find a vegan diet keeps me feeling healthier, lighter and more energetic.  A big influence in the change of my eating habits came from the influence of Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  Check out Dr. Joel’s book, ‘Eat to Live’, HERE.