My Weekend at Himalayan Institute

Today wraps up my third and final day here at the Himalayan Institute.  I came here to explore the possibility of participating in the Institute’s Residency Program.  The program provides students room, board and study in exchange for full-time service.  During my time here, I’ve eaten beautiful vegan meals, participated in yoga, toured the campus, had inspiring conversation and slept soundly in my quarters.

One component of the Institute that I’ve been very impressed with is the quality of staff and community members here.  People from all walks of life, included doctors, scientists, insurance professionals and holistic wellness practitioners seem to be drawn here; some giving up years of professional careers to come live, serve and study.  You can check out the Institutes staff roster HERE.

Over the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to exchange briefly with the Institute’s Director, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.  I’ve found Pandit to be a kind man who embraced me warmly upon every encounter.  I look forward to returning to HI and recommend anyone seeking a path of service and study to check it out.SwamiRama

(Swami Rama, Founder of The Himalayan Institute,1925-1996)


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